Let’s make space ours.

Learn how we strive to change the way space is done.

Founded in 2016, the Aerospace Research and Exploration Company is a Costa-Rican-based start-up whose goal is to contribute to the globalization of space by developing innovative aerospace related projects. To do so, AREX focuses on three main pillars.

Global Engineering

We seek to bring people together no matter were they come from.

Research and innovation

We strive to solve modern problems with different approaches.  


We want our work to have a positive impact in the society we live in.

Our Projects are OriginalPurposefulInclusiveInnovative

Learn more about our projects and how they contribute towards building a more globalized space

The P-5 engine became the first liquid rocket engine of the Central American and Caribbean region on August the 14th, 2019. It is a small, low power engine focused on the characterization of its different systems and their limitations from a manufacturing, technical and economical approach.

Project Polaris is an intercultural collaborative program that focuses on the development of multidisciplinary skills that are essential in the globalization of space. A selective number of participants from diverse groups is put together to experience the cultural, organizational, technical, and financial implications of devising together a research project of scientific interest.

The Rocket Engine Designer (RED) is an in-house software that helps the design process of a liquid propellant rocket engine. It links with other software, optimizes theoretical performance, and provides an interactive design interface. It currently includes combustion chamber, nozzle, and injector design.