Isadora Vera Calderón

PID: 2021 0005 6018

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Isadora Vera is a second-year physics student at the University of Tours, and a Private Pilot. Passionate about engineering and science, she joined Polaris in 2021, where she worked on the mission profile of the Star Rover. As a Youtuber, Isadora also worked so the world could discover the project, bringing together passionate people from all over the world. She also attended the International Astronautical Congress in September 2022 where she met the rest of the team, and presented Project Polaris to the scientific community.
    • Polaris Edition: First
    • Program: Basic 2020-2021 – Advanced 2021-2o22
    • Sub Team: Mission Profile
    • Position: Member
      Sub  Team: Content



Project Polaris taught me that strong connections can be created through the same passion, even virtually. This year, I attended the International Astronautical Congress where I finally met everyone I had been working with for the past two years. It was the culmination of our hard work, but also the beginning of wonderful friendships while visiting Paris together. Project Polaris gave me incredible opportunities, and memories I will forever cherish. For one space! Pour un espace! Por un espacio!! “