Nohelia María Arias Hidalgo

PID: 2021 0050 6048

Country 🇨🇷


She started her studies at TEC, latter she studied two years in Germany and today she is a fourth-year student at The College of Idaho in the United States. Nohelia enjoys science, research and is passionate about the future of the aerospace field and she dreams with helping make it accessible for everyone. Nohelia enjoys traveling and getting to know other cultures. She is proud to be Costa Rican and she loves her family.
Polaris Edition: First

Program: Basic 2020-2021

Team: Chemistry & Heat Transfer

Position: Chief

Team: General Design

Position: Member


Apollo 1

“Being part of Project Polaris basic program was an amazing experince. As a Chief I was able to guide our team members while learning from them. I believe in “one space” and that does not matter who you are, we all can contribute to the aerospace field. I enjoyed working with people from other cultures and understanding how our differences makes us stronger.”