Julián López Marín

PID: 2021 0050 6049

Country 🇨🇷


Julián is a graphic design student from the University of Costa Rica. He joined Project Polaris during 2021 and has since been part of the C3 team as a graphic content creator. He visited France during the Summer-Autumn of 2022 where he got to work at the International astronautical congress along many other polarians and also got to enjoy the culture, falling in love with the country and creating new meaningful friendships.
    • Polaris Edition: First
      Program: Basic 2020-2021 & Advanced Program
      Team: Content
      Position: Member


The Hunger Games trilogy

“Being part of the Polaris family has been a life changing experience, not only did I grow up as a professional and as creative person but also as a human. This project led me to discover culture and friendship in a way I’ve never experienced before, which allowed me to meet amazing people and create new intercultural friendships that I’ll never forget. Pour un espace!”