Arnaud Somville

PID: 2021 0103 3005

Country 🇫🇷


Arnaud is a French 4th year Aerospace engineering student in ESTACA. Member since the Basic program ( Propulsion and Social Media group member), he was member of the Dynamics subteam in the Advanced Program. In summer 2022 he fell in love with Costa Rica during the summer Tropical Space Camp.
    • Polaris Edition: First
      Program: Basic 2020-2021 & Advanced 2021 – 2022
      • Team: Dynamics 
      Position: Member

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Polaris was an incredible experience. I personally learnt a lot obviously technically (this project remains a technical project) but most of all socially. Learning to work with people all around the world, with different cultures and speaking different languages is something really important in our modern society and it was such a beautiful experience. Being part of the big Polaris family is something that I will never forget.”