Astrée Deshayes

PID: 2021 0103 3006

Country 🇫🇷


4th year aerospace engineering student in the french enginering school ESTACA, Astrée is passionate by the space field and more generally by sciences. She already achieved a double degree in physics and chemistry. She joined the Polaris project in March 2021 in the Chemistry and Heat transfer team. She helped finding the best chemical reaction of H2 to use for the Rover that allows buoyancy and movement.
    Polaris Edition: First

    Program: Basic 2020-2021

    Team: Chemistry & Heat Transfer

    Position: Member


Princesse Mononoke

“After spending a few months inside the Polaris project I realized that team work is essential. Right after I arrived, the whole team was kind and helped me feel confident. Without this kindly and dynamic atmosphere, I don’t think I would have been so effective from the start. It was very interesting to see various points of view and it really provided something different and positive to the teamwork”