Chloé Pasquier

PID: 2021 0103 3011

Country 🇫🇷


Co-founder of Project Polaris, Chloé has been leading the project in the Admins team for 2 years. As an aerospace student, she is the representative for all students coming from her school ESTACA in France. With the project, she worked 5 months in Costa Rica during the summer of 2021 and took part in the IAC in Paris in 2022. She is proud to be a Polarian.
    • Polaris Edition: First
      Program: Basic 2020-2021 & Advanced 2021-2022
      • Team: Admin



“I am very proud to be part of this Polarian family. Co-creating and leading this project has been helping me develop my project management knowledge. I was able to discover new cultures and a lot of different personalities. I am really grateful to all the members, especially to the other Admins and my old friend Roy for this amazing journey.”