Kristen Emilie Sandra Maquaire

PID: 2021 0103 3024

Country 🇫🇷


Kristen was an aerospace student at ESTACA and is now a young space engineer. She is part of the project Polaris since the beginning of the basic program (where she was a Chemistry & Heat transfer chief) and then took the position of mission profile team member. She visited Costa Rica during the first year Action Stage and keeps wonderful memories of this experience.
    Polaris Edition: First
    Program: Basic 2020-2021 & Advanced 2021-2022
    Team: Mission Profile
    Position: Member


Anyone, as soon as there is pesto and mozzarella on it.

“These 2 years in this project were really enriching in many ways. I learnt so much, not only professionally but also socially and culturally. It gave my the opportunity to meet numerous incredible people and prepared me for a career with international space projects.”