Matteo Nathan Nicolas Duroy

PID: 2021 0103 3029

Country 🇫🇷


Matteo is a french engineering student studying at ESTACA with a passion for all things Aerospace. His interest for the field was sparked by videogames such as Elite Dangerous, Stellaris, and Kerbal Space Program. It was decisive in leading him to pursue his Aerospace dreams through his studies, and joining the Polaris team. As most Polaris members, he dreams of space, and one day gaining access to it.
    Polaris Edition: First

    Program: Basic 2020-2021

    Team: Software & Simulation

    Position: Member



“The Basic Program taught me valuable skills in interacting in multicultural settings. Although I initially entered the program with only the most essential technical skills relevant to my Software & Simulations team, I came out of it with a greater understanding for the process of modeling situations and simulating new ones. I thoroughly enjoyed working with members from various parts of the globe, and being immersed in a pool of passionate students who share my dreams.”