Melissa Aline Audrey Rottier

PID: 2021 0103 3033

Country 🇫🇷


Melissa is an aerospace engineering student at ESTACA that joined Project Polaris in 2020 as a General Design Chief. She is crazy about space exploration, and a hovering rover on Titan was exactly what she dreamed of !
    • Polaris Edition: First

    • Program: Basic 2020-2021

      • Team: General Design

      • Position: Chief

favorite FILM 🎞️

The Martian

“Polaris is my first international project, and I couldn’t dream of anything better! I worked with amazing people from across the globe (big shout-out to my chief partner Jose-Fabio). It was not always easy with all that went on in the world, but we manage to do incredible things, and I can’t wait to see our work come to life !”