Josué Daniel Morera Ramírez

PID: 2021 0350 6022

Country 🇨🇷


Josué is a mechatronics engineering student from Technological Institute of Costa Rica. He joined Polaris in 2020 and work as member on the General Design Team, and finished being part of the Instrumentation Subteam from Electronics. Josué is from Costa Rica and he worked from there during the basic program designing, planning and organizing the rover and the mission during the basic program. Also he had the opportunity to contribute building the rover in San Carlos during the Tropical Space Camp.
        • Polaris Edition: First
      • Program: Basic 2020-2021 & Advanced 2021-2022
        Team: Instrumentation
        Position: MEMBER



Project Polaris brought me the opportunity to work on a project that I am truly passionate about with amazing people from other cultures. I had never learned as much technically as culturally and socially as I learned with these people. Unlike other projects, at Polaris we are not just a work group, but rather an aerospace family in search of the same goal, which creates a very strong sense of unity. This all has truly been an amazing experience and I look forward to continuing next year! Pura Vida”