Ana Paula Alvarado Ortiz

PID: 2021 0350 6045

Country 🇨🇷


Ana Paula is an Industrial Production student at TEC. She joined project Polaris in 2020 with the spirit of being a part of an innovative project and exploring a passion of her’s since very little. She is a very committed person, always looking for ways of helping others and finding opportunities that can bring a positive impact to the people sorrounding her. She’s dedicated and loves to interact with new people and getting to learn from them and with them.
Polaris Edition: First

Program: Basic 2020-2021

Team: Admin


Cheese and Ham

“My work at Polaris has given me the opportunity to test and improve my abilities. I got to better understand my career path and the place I wanna be, not only at Polaris, but also at my future workplaces and, as a plus, I had the opportunity to interact, work, and learn from people from different countries, which also enhanced my innovative problem solving ability. I enjoyed being able to overcome different obstacles and networking to find better opportunities.”