Ana Paula Alvarado Ortiz

PID: 2021 0350 6045

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Ana Paula is an Industrial Production Engineering student at TEC in Costa Rica. She joined Project Polaris as an Admin in 2020 for the Basic Program and worked as the main contact between TEC and Polaris. During the Advance program she worked as an Admin for the first third and as Director of Hosting and Travel for the rest of the period, still as the main contact between TEC and Polaris, managing to organize with her team the first edition of the Tropical Space Camp and the presentation of the Rover at the IAC 2022 in Paris.
Polaris Edition: First Program: Basic 2020-2021 & Advanced 2021-2022 Team: Hosting & Travel


Tarzan - 1999 Disney animated movie

“Project Polaris has allowed me to experience real hard work to achieve what I want. I overcame hardships and obstacles throughout the two and a half years I have worked on the project, sometimes wanting to quit because of frustration and/or pressure. Regardless, I stayed and the reward was worth it, I got to meet some amazing friends that shared with me the same passion and happiness of being a part of this project. I got to work, learn, and travel and also held the honor of presenting to the world the meaning of the Polarians and our purpose! I really hope that whomever joins and continues with us this dream, will be able to reach the same conclusion. ¡Por un espacio! 🚀”