Clay Felipe Charry Pinzón

PID: 2022 0005 7061

Country 🇨🇴


Clay is a Systems and Computing Engineering student at Los Andes University in Colombia. He is passionate about space and Physics, which led him to join Project Polaris as Connectivity and Budgeting teams member in 2021. Now, with the experience gained during the advanced program of Polaris, he aims to become a Space Systems Engineer and work in the aerospace industry someday.
Polaris Edition: First Program:  Advanced 2021-2022 Team : Connectivity Position: Member Team: Finance Position: Member

favorite spacecraft 🚀

Naboo Starfighter

Project Polaris has been a life-changing experience for me. I happened to meet bright people from diverse fields with great perspectives on space and the future. I genuinely believe that the more visions we unite, the deeper our understanding of the universe and life will be, which is really important to create one space and solve problems like climate change. I learned a lot of things being in Polaris, but the most important thing is probably that a group of committed people, no matter what the challenge is, can definitely change everything, whether it is a life or the entire world. Let’s defy fate! For one space!”