Diego Lopez Guerrero

PID: 2022 0005 7065

Country 🇨🇴


Diego is senior student at Universidad de La Sabana pursuing a mechanical engineering degree. He is passionate about combining mechanical and electronic approaches to build solutions to problems faced by space and automotive industries. Diego joined Project Polaris in March of 2022 as Instrumentation Head. During summer of the same year he visited Costa Rica where he contributed to the integration of the ESR electric system. He dreams about building his career around space industry so he can collaborate to space globalization.
Polaris Edition: First Program:  Advanced 2021-2022 Team : Instrumentation Position: Head

favorite FILM 🎞️

Star Wars

Being part of Polaris family has been one of the greatest experiences I have had so far. Getting to know people from all around the globe that are as passionate as I am about space and learning about their cultures at the same time as developing such a cool project truly amazing. Polaris gave me some of my best friends, the opportunity to visit two new countries, writing a scientific paper and presenting it at one the most important space congress in the world. All of that in just one year, crazy.”