Kevin Andrey Sánchez Ramírez

PID: 2022 0050 6073

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Kevin is a Costa Rican passionate about engineering, science, and space. He’s currently in his 4th-year of industrial engineering at UCR, and also working as student worker at Intel Corporation. He has participated in different space projects as national coordinator for MVA, of the Costa Rican Space Directory, the creation of the Liftoff CR podcast and in student groups such as TECSpace and Polaris. Kevin loves to play and watch soccer, go for walks with his family and enjoy time with his friends.
Polaris Edition: First Program:  Advanced 2021-2022 Team : Mission Profile Position: member

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“Polaris for me has meant a space for growth and learning, where I have participated with people of all nations that I never imagined, people with the same desire to change our present in the space industry and leave a mark, not only for Costa Rica but for the world, that students are also capable of making incredible projects with high difficult and fearless innovation. I hope one day to participate in something similar, but for now, I can feel special to have participated in Polaris!!”