Mariel Gabriela Valeriano Ramos

PID: 2022 0059 1079

Country 🇧🇴


Mariel is a mechatronics student at the Universidad Católica Boliviana de San Pablo. Lover of science, physics, mathematics and space, she joined the Polaris Project in February 2022 as a member of the Mission Profile group. Her path in science began as a participant and winner of Science Olympiads in high school and as a big fan of Richard Feynman.
Polaris Edition: First Program:  Advanced 2021-2022 Team: Mission Profile Position: Member

Favorite Film 🎞️

A Theory of Everything

“Polaris gave me the opportunity to learn a little more about how science is developed in different parts of the world, it gave me the opportunity to live an experience of coexistence, to share ideas and to meet amazing people who share my dreams and goals, all FOR ONE SPACE!”