Christian Jesús Arguedas Maceo

PID: 2022 0350 6059

Country 🇨🇷


Christian is an electronic engineering student at TEC Costa Rica. He joined the Project Polaris Advance program with the purpose of helping in the design and implementation of the controller for the Rover in the Control Team, later called the Actuation Team. During this process he worked with people from other countries with whom he discovered the many types of workflow and ways to distribute it.
Polaris Edition: First Program:  Advanced 2021-2022 Team : Actuation Position: Member

favorite SPORTS TEAM ⚽

Golden State Warriors

During this project i put my knowledge on testing as well my capacity of learning new subjects different to my career provided by the presentations of the teams. Also, during this time a learnet differents cultures and ways of interaction between the members. Sadly, the next year i cant keep working with polaris, but in the future i hope to rejoin with more development on my skills and experience to provide new tools.”