Davide Demartini

PID: 2022 0403 9063

Country 🇮🇹


Davide is an aerospace student at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden. He joined the propulsion team of Project Polaris in February 2022 and he worked on the development of the feed subsystem and the thrusters. He participated to the Action Stage in summer 2022 where he fell in love with the Pura Vida lifestyle.
Polaris Edition: First Program:  Advanced 2021-2022 Team : Thrusters System Position: Member

favorite SPORTS TEAM⚽

White team at waterpolo during the Action Stage

“Participating in the Action Stage has provided me with invaluable experience of what can be achieved when a group of passionate people come together to work for a common goal. I’m sure that Project Polaris has opened several doors both professionally and socially all around the world. Hands down one of the best experiences of my life. I look forward to see again all the people I met along the way. Por un espacio!”