Frequently Asked Questions

The organization and application process of the program are completely free. Program participants are only expected to cover the individual expenses associated to those events in which they want to participate, e.g. the H&T program. The financial team will raise funds to cover the costs of the technical project, some activities, and potentially create scholarships.

Yes! The program is entirely online, but we would love to have you join the others in Costa Rica and Paris. None of the events are interdependent of each other. You can participate in the building and testing of the Advanced Program without problem even if you did not come to Costa Rica for the Basic Program.

Yes ! College students and and young professionals are welcome. Participating in the H&T and exchange programs is optional and that most of the work will be done online, so you can still enjoy the program while working. Moreover, it is totally possible to participate only in one of the programs (Basic/ Advanced).

As much as you want! The workload is going depends on the technical project and the team you are in. Since it is a very lengthy program (more than two years) and there are several members, it is likely that the overall pace will be very manageable. For the in-person events particpants will interact in a more daily-basis.

The first edition of Project Polaris will last about 25 months once applicants are accepted. It is composed of two parts, the Basic Program and the Advanced Program, each of them lasting about a year each.

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