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Communication System

Elian Pérez García
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Hello, are there any of our mentors with knowledge in communications?

We are trying to design the communication system for the theoretical mission, we have some ideas planted, but we do not have much knowledge of how to design more in depth or in a technical way, so any help, or someone who can guide us with this will be great.

Our two main ideas are to have direct or indirect communication:

  • Direct communication the rover sends the data directly to Earth.
    • During the nights communication is lost, a night on Titan is 8 days on Earth.
    • The rover needs more power to send the data.
  • Indirect communication the rover sends the data to a satellite and the satellite to Earth.
    • It is required to put a satellite in orbit.
    • Less power to send data.
    • Communication is not lost during long periods.

We have also investigated antennas used in similar missions (Perseverance, Curiosity) that could be used in our project, If indirect communication is used, the communication between the rover and the satellite would be very similar to those of these missions, so the antennas used could have the same characteristics: