The Polarians are the official alumni of Project Polaris. These are young college students and professionals who made a significant contribution to the program and whose passion for space goes beyond words. Whether helping with design, planning activities, assembling components, or solving equations, these are real contributors to the globalization of space. Becoming a Polarian is one of the highest honors in Project Polaris since it signifies that a member was able to endure cultural, educational, and technological challenges under a genuine conviction based on our program’s vision: to build one space. This is why the Polarians are kept together by the motto, sola stella – omni uniti, i.e., one star, all united.

To learn more about our Polarians, you can click on the plus sign on each of them. Polarians with a yellow background have been recipients of a Polaris award. You can also filter them by country, school, and team by using keywords in the search bar below such as , “Purdue University”, “Costa Rica”, “Social Media Group”, “Chief”, “ITCR”, etc.

Alexandre Pierre Rémi Benoist Structures Member
Alexandre is an aerospace engineering student at ESTACA. He joined the Polaris project in 2020 to take part to the globalization of space as a Structures Team member. He also had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica to meet other members of the project, to discover the Pura Vida and to work on the star rover !
Anuhya Edupuganti Structures Chief
She is a mechanical engineering student from Purdue University with great enthusiasm for learning new things. She is interested in projects in space exploration, biomedical engineering, or any field promising rapid innovation. In her spare time, she likes to paint and explore different art mediums.
Arnaud Somville Propulsion/ Social Media Group Member
Space lover in Estaca, a French engineer school to work in the area of its dreams. Juventus fan until the end.
Benjamin Wurgler Propulsion Chief
Benjamin is an aerospace engineering student at Estaca aiming to work in the field of space propulsion. He worked as chief of the propulsion team. Benjamin came to costa Rica to work on the propulsion of the rover, to meet his Costa Rican colleagues, and to visit the country.
Charlotte Giroud Propulsion Chief
In progress ...
Elian Andrey Pérez García Electronics Chief - Structures Member
Elian is a final year student of Mechatronics Engineering at the Costa Rican Institute of Technology. Hi is a charismatic, empathetic and equanimous person, he is someone who likes to help, learn and share his knowledge. Elian is very passionate about technology, especially everything related to exploration and the aerospace industry.
Fiorella Mata Lobo Financial Team Member
Fiorella is an industrial engineering student from Costa Rica Institute of Technology. She joined Project Polaris in 2020 and worked as a member of the financial team. She also worked few months as a member of the JISP(Joint Industry Study Program).Fiorella got an internship in Costa Rica with PREINSA and she enjoyed and learned a lot with them.
Isaí Fonseca Structures Chief
Isaí is a physics student from University of Costa Rica. He joined Project Polaris in 2020 as a chief on the structures team. As a 18 year old high school student back then, he started to learn and help building a rover structure and designing a balloon, which was a challenge for him.
Jose Fabio Navarro Naranjo General Design Chief
A student of Mechatronics Engineering at Costa Rican Institute of Technology, which is very interested in the aerospace field, trying to increase his knowledge and experience to work to promote aerospace development in Costa Rica in the future.
Kevin Andrey Gómez Villagra Electronics Member
Kevin is an advanced student of Electronic Engineering at the Technological Institute of Costa Rica, he joined the Electronics team in April 2021, he has worked on the design of the Star Rover power distribution system and its respective tests in the action stage.
Léo Barataud Structures Member
Leo is a 4th year aerospace engineering student at ESTACA school in France. Passionate about space exploration since childhood, he joined Project Polaris as a Structures team member to participate in the future of humanity!
Marianela Arias Hidalgo Chemistry & Heat Transfer Chief - General Design Member
Marianela began her studies at TEC but now she is a fourth-year student at The College of Idaho in the United States. She enjoys participating in research projects and Project Polaris have become one of her favorite ones. She loves her family and her contry Costa Rica, and she is enthusiastic about Costa Rica's future in the aerospace field.
Mattia Keyrouz Chemistry & Heat Transfer Chief
Mattia is an aerospace engineering student from ESTACA since 2019. He grew up in Lebanon and decided to move to France because of his passion for aerospace. He joined Project Polaris in 2020 and was one of the chiefs of the chemistry and heat transfer team. Mattia worked on the working fluid and chemical reaction decisions.
Melissa Aline Audrey Rottier General Design Chief
Melissa is an aerospace engineering student at ESTACA that joined Project Polaris in 2020 as a General Design Chief. She is crazy about space exploration, and a hovering rover on Titan was exactly what she dreamed of !
Nicolas Jean Quetglas Structures Member
Nicolas is an aerospace engineering student from ESTACA. He joined project Polaris in 2020 and worked as a member in the Structures team. Nicolas went to Costa Rica during Summer 2020 where he worked on components of the Star Rover while volunteering and visiting the country. He's a very shy person but he knows how to have fun with his friends!
Sharey Pheron Social Media Group Member
Born and raise in an West Indies island, for her entire life. Sharey leaves home to study in France, with the memories of the time she spend with her sister, family and friends in this butterfly like island. Her warm-hearted personality compensate the cold weather she met.
Tom Alves Propulsion and Chemistry & Heat Transfer Member
This person is someone calm who will always be listenning you if needed. In work, this is not the most motivated but he will support you as he can if you need some help. He is always looking for a different point of view to make things better.
Sivakami Ramakrishnan Social Media Group Member
Sivakami is a junior at Purdue University studying English Literature and Public Relations & Strategic Communication. In her free time, she likes to listen to music and watch TV shows.
Ana Paula Alvarado Ortiz Admin
Ana Paula is an Industrial Production student at TEC. She joined project Polaris in 2020 with the spirit of being a part of an innovative project and exploring a passion of her's since very little. She is a very committed person, always looking for ways of helping others and finding opportunities that can bring a positive impact to the people sorrounding her. She's dedicated and loves to interact with new people and getting to learn from them and with them.
Arantza Irais Acosta Pargas Social Media Group Member
Arantza is a future physics student from Venezuela. She joined Polaris in 2021 as part of the Social Media Group and worked alongside her team as she learned new design and editing techniques that she brought to the project.
Astrée Deshayes Chemistry and Heat Transfer Member
4th year aerospace engineering student in the french enginering school ESTACA, Astrée is passionate by the space field and more generally by sciences. She already achieved a double degree in physics and chemistry. She joined the Polaris project in March 2021 in the Chemistry and Heat transfer team. She helped finding the best chemical reaction of H2 to use for the Rover that allows buoyancy and movement.
Brigitte Karina Gómez Quirós Hosting & Travel Member
Brigitte is a student of Industrial Production Engineering from the Costa Rican Institute of Technology. She joined the Project Polaris as a member of the Hosting and Travel Team. She organized and enjoyed different activities that brought together some of the Polaris members.
Chloé Pasquier Admin - Electronics Member
Born in the South of France, she loves horse-riding and listening to music. As a passionate space engineering student she wants to be part in as much projects as she can.
Erick Alejandro Muñoz Alvarado Electronics Member
Erick is a computer engineer who joined project Polaris on 2021 as a member of the instrumentation and control team, there he worked on the definition and design of possible solutions to the scientific objectives. He also helped with the base design of the control subsystem.
Gabriel Orlando González Rodríguez General Design Member
Gabriel is a mechatronics engineering student from Tecnológico de Costa Rica, as well as a computer science student from Universidad de Costa Rica. He worked as a member of the General Design team in 2020, when he joined Project Polaris, and 2021. Gabriel has always had an interest in robotics and is pursuing a career path that involves it.
Jerry Joseph Varghese Software & Simulation Member
Jerry is an Aero/Astronautical Engineering student from Purdue University. He was a member of the Software and Simulation team, working as a developer for thrust simulations and data visualization in Python and Blender. He also presented and answered technical questions from panelists during design reviews. Jerry conducted individual research on the dynamic stability of the balloon and prepared a technical brief for the admins on the results of the research.
Josué Daniel Morera Ramírez General Design Member
Josué is a mechatronics engineering student from Technological Institute of Costa Rica. He joined Polaris in 2020 and work as member on the General Design Team. Josué is from Costa Rica and he worked from there during the basic program designing, planning and organizing the rover and the mission as well.
Kole Montgomery McGinn Admin
Kole is Design Engineer at SuperATV. He enjoys attitude dynamics, controls, and JDM cars. He hopes to work on satellite electromechanics one day in the future.
Manon Bordeau Hosting & Travel Member
Manon joined the Polaris project during her 4th year at Estaca. Passionate about aerospace, she was president of ESO, Estaca's rocketry club. She worked the whole year in the Hosting & Travel team in order to organize the trip to Costa Rica for the Polaris members. Manon came to Costa Rica in the summer of 2021 to help the other Polaris technical teams in the laboratories of TEC University.
Mathilde Polan Propulsion and Hosting & Travel Member
Mathilde is a student at Estaca passionate about any space related subject. Her dream is to contribute to the democratization of access to space for all. She also loves listening to music, playing cello, going out with her friends and discovering new cultures!
Max Francis Classen General Design Chief - Propulsion Member
Max loves space and working with people different from himself. He was really interested in Project Polaris because it tied these two things together. He liked being able to research and choose the celestial body for the Star Rover.
Michelle Lacouture Solis Social Media Group Member
Michelle is a great UX/UI Designer that started at Project Polaris as a member of the Social Media Group. She is currently finishing her Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design Engineering at Costa Rica Institute of Technology (TEC). Michelle is a great team member with a fine eye for detail, making her designs unique and engaging. Aside from her passion for design, she loves to dance, read and create playlists. So if you ever need any music recommendations, Mich is the one!
Nohelia María Arias Hidalgo Chemistry & Heat Transfer Chief - General Design Member
She started her studies at TEC, latter she studied two years in Germany and today she is a fourth-year student at The College of Idaho in the United States. Nohelia enjoys science, research and is passionate about the future of the aerospace field and she dreams with helping make it accessible for everyone. Nohelia enjoys traveling and getting to know other cultures. She is proud to be Costa Rican and she loves her family.
Victor Lance General Design Member
Victor is a French Student passionate about space and science Fiction, this passion pushed him to go and study Aerospace engineering to work in such an amazing sector that he is sure will bring many new things in the following years.
Andrea Chacón Rojas Social Media Group Chief
Andrea is an electronics´ engineering student at ITCR. She joined Project Polaris in 2020 and works as a chief for the Social Media group. Andre worked with the electronics team in Costa Rica testing components for the rover and organized activities within the Hosting & Travel team.
Ariana Sofía Argüello Cordero Chemistry & Heat Transfer Member
Ariana Sofia Arguello Cordero is a Costa Rican student in Cosmonautics and Rocket Complex Engineering at the National Aerospace Research University of Samara, Russia. She is passionate about sports, she practices boxing, swimming and long distance athletics. She is a dance and Spanish teacher. She also likes to travel, she has traveled to many countries. She is also the founder of Lunatica Podcast and creator of its content. She is a girl who one day stopped dreaming and started creating.
Aurélien Talbot- -Gléville Hosting & Travel Chief
Aurélien Talbot-Gléville is a 1st year of MEng (M1) student at ESTACA.. He joins Polaris as chief of the Host and Travel team. This year, he is also on a team in collaboration with the LATMOS (atmospheric and spatial observation laboratory) to study how their tools will react at zero gravity, tools that are supposed to research the impact of the sun on the atmosphere.
Carlos Montoya Marín Electronics Member
Carlos is a Mechatronics Engineering student from Technological Institute of Costa Rica University. He joined to the project Polaris since the beginning of the project as member of electronic team working in three of four subteams of electronic team. Carlos worked during the action stage on the power management system and the weather package of the Rover.
Christian Pieronne Admin
Christian is a space engineering student from ESTACA in France. He worked as an admin throughout the first year and will continue to do so during the next one! He was lucky to intern at the international airport of San José in Costa Rica during the summer and was able to discover much of what Costa Rica has to offer.
Fabián Garita Chacón Propulsion Chief
Fabián is a chemical engineering student from Costa Rica University. He joined Project Polaris in 2020 and worked as one of the chiefs of the Propulsion Team. Fabián worked at the TEC labs during the Action Stage on a thruster prototype for the propulsion system.
Isadora Vera Calderón Social Media Group Member - General Design Member
Isadora Vera is a first-year physics student at the University of Tours in France. Passionate about science and space, she joined Polaris in 2021, where she worked on the project’s social media, and now on the physics behind the Star Rover. As a Youtuber, Isadora also worked so the world could discover the project, bringing together passionate people from all over the world.
John Ramthun Software & Simulation Chief
John is a Computer Engineering student from Purdue University. He joined Polaris in 2020 as one of the chiefs of the Software & Simulation Team. John lead the team through its design of the project’s first Full Mission Simulation and Animation.
Julián López Marín Social Media Group Member
Julián is a graphic design student from the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) that joined Polaris on 2020 to work as a member of the Social Media Group.
Kristen Emilie Sandra Maquaire Chemistry and Heat Transfer Chief
Kristen is a French ESTACA student in her last year of study. She loves space and dreams to explore it. She went to Costa Rica for 3 weeks this summer and discovered the country and worked on the chemical reactions.
Lorenza Trilles Admin - Structures Member
Lorenza is a space engineering student in her last semester at ESTACA. She's also a dedicated musician and singer. She's a sarcastic and sassy French girl, always here to laugh.
Mariana Barbosa Morais Structures Chief
Mari is a mechanical engineering student from Purdue University. She joined Polaris when the project started and she worked as a chief of Structures. Mari led her team along with the other chiefs to produce two best designs for the overall rover and balloon structure.
Matteo Nathan Nicolas Duroy Software & Simulation Member
Matteo is a french engineering student studying at ESTACA with a passion for all things Aerospace. His interest for the field was sparked by videogames such as Elite Dangerous, Stellaris, and Kerbal Space Program. It was decisive in leading him to pursue his Aerospace dreams through his studies, and joining the Polaris team. As most Polaris members, he dreams of space, and one day gaining access to it.
Maxime Eliott Marie Arnaud Electronics Chief
Maxime is an aerospace student at ESTACA in France. He joined Project Polaris as an Electronics Chief in 2020 and worked on the power distribution unit for the rover. During the summer of 2021, he visited Costa Rica and interned at TEC where he discovered gallo pinto with platano maduro.
Názareth Fabiola Jiménez Chacón Admin - Electronics Member
Fabiola is almost a fifth-year electronics engineering student at Costa Rica Institute of Technology. She joined Project Polaris in 2020 as an Admin and an electronics member. As an Admin, her duties were managing technical and support teams, as well as creating partnerships. While as an electronics member, she worked on the communication side.
Ojars Gobins Propulsion Cheif
Ojars is an aerospace engineering student at the Technical University of Berlin. He joined Project Polaris in 2020 and worked as a chief for the propulsion team. He helped to design the nozzle and do research on the feed system.
Thomas Castie Financial Team Chief
Thomas is an aeronautical engineering student from ESTACA School. He joined Polaris project in 2020, and works as a Financial Director with a multi-cultural team.He has performed several internships for international leaders in the aeronautical domain, more specifically in project management field.