Every program of Project Polaris ends with an Evaluation Stage where members get to nominate and vote for their favorite Polarians. The eight Polaris Awards recognize diverse traits we believe make Polarians unique. Without further ado, these are our 2022 award recipients, chosen by the members of the Advanced Program.

The Open Hands Award

Awarded to a member who was truly solidary and served other during the program.

Ana Paula Alvarado

The Bombeta Award

Awarded to a funny, and outgoing member at Polaris.

Diego López

The Sloth Award

Awarded to the most patient, respectful and easy-going member. Our peacemaker!.

Mariana Londoño

The Ambassador Award

Awarded to a member who shared lots about his/her country and culture and made others fall in love with it.

Arnaud Somville

The Outside of the Box Award

Awarded to a member who gave very creative solutions to problems.

Maximilian Ervais

The Leadership Award

Awarded to a member in a leadership position who truly dedicated himself/ herself to his/her team and stood out as an outstanding leader

Chintan Rank

The Jedi Knight Award

Awarded to a member who truly grew during the basic program in terms of knowledge and skills. This person went from a Padawan to a Jedi.

Marc-Aurele Lallement

The Jack of All Trades Award

Awarded to a member who stepped up for various types of positions.

Chloé Jiménez

Photo by Nicholas Quetglas