Have you ever wondered what an international mini-space agency would look like? Lots of space freaks working together out of sheer love for space and nothing more. With more than 80 students from 13 different countries, Project Polaris is a nonprofit initiative that helps individuals grow as global citizens of space. Over the course of two years, our members will be working together on the theoretical and practical development of an innovative rover prototype that could explore Titan (Saturn’s moon) as it has never been proposed before. With over twelve strategic partners, six months’ worth of progress, intercultural preparation, and planned events abroad in Costa Rica/ France; Project Polaris needs a master mind of communication.
      We do not want to just make some noise; we want to echo a message throughout the globe: space can be done better when we get together. For this we need a strategic broadcast of our program from various points of view. What is the Star Rover’s status? What are some testimonies from our participants/ sponsors?  Who is our most recent partner? Why do we care about the globalization of space? When are our next events? How have we evolved culturally?
        At this point you might by wondering what joining us would look like or if you need to be a connoisseur of space technologies to get accepted. Luckily, the only thing you need is to prove to us your writing skills (in English) and to think space is cool. Your first task will be to immerse yourself into the project to get a sense of our colors, feelings, and textures. Rather than someone who waits to be told what to write, we are looking for someone who, much as a detective, takes initiative. Your pieces of writing could be blogs, newsletters, social media captions, video scripts, flyers, or any other that allows you to project our essence to the world. Upon becoming part of the Polaris family, you would be added to our Social Media Group where you would actively participate and enjoy of the benefits and experiences offered by the program.
          Ready to become our space voice? Please email us at polaris@arexcr.com and attach any relevant information you deem necessary (CV, portfolio, motivation letter, etc.). Do not hesitate to ask any questions if any!
            For one space,